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Should I wait until the technology is better to have LASIK?

This question seems to pop up in the mind of everyone considering LASIK eye surgery. And I’m sure that you’ve thought about it.

Waiting for a better LASIK technology

If you want a simple and straight answer, I will tell you that you could wait!


Simply because LASIK eye surgery is an elective procedure and you can wait for a more advanced LASIK technology.

But before you stop reading, I want you to think about what you will miss out if you keep postponing your LASIK procedure (i.e. enjoying the freedom from eyeglasses and contact lenses as you wait). You should also keep in mind that the LASIK technology will continue to improve and you could continue to wait the rest of your life without ever having the procedure.

So the important question is whether the technological advances in LASIK eye surgery means an increase in quality of vision, chance of success or patient satisfaction after LASIK.

It is unlikely that for most patients there will be a noticeable difference if they choose to wait. In many cases, time spent waiting for the technological improvements also means less time to potentially benefit from the refractive surgery.

On the other hand, a few patients should wait for more advanced LASIK technologies and your doctor will tell you whether you fall into this group.

LASIK is safe and good enough to have the procedure now. So if you are an ideal LASIK candidate today, there is no need to wait. Future LASIK advances will allow those who are not good LASIK candidates today to undergo the LASIK procedure successfully.


Cooper May 2, 2011 at 11:51 AM  

The lasik surgery lasik is a very important surgery and it has so many instructions that we need to follow and with out knowing any thing about lasik procedures,it will be little bit difficult for us.First of all we need to know the information about the cost details,procedures,complications and problems,side effects and the other things which is really very important.

optometrist,  October 2, 2012 at 3:09 PM  

Lasik surgery also corrects irregularities in the cornea's shape, so light rays can focus properly on the retina and improve blurry vision.

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