LASIK Price & LASIK Pricing Related Problems

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Lasik Price & Lasik Pricing Related Problems

Surfing around the web this morning I came across an interesting article about titled: LASIK Advertising Initiatives for 2008: Has LASIK Become a Commodity?

The author in this article talk about the problems related to LASIK prices and . He also wonders if LASIK surgery has become a commodity and whether this is a good or a bad thing for ?

Here is a part of this article:

Over the past ten years LASIK has become a very common form of laser vision correction. Millions of people have had successful LASIK eye surgery. More than 1 million Americans will most likely undergo LASIK surgery this year, and the majority will get improved vision. This relatively safe procedure can be very effective when provided by an experienced LASIK surgeon. With the success of this procedure has also come attempts to create the southwest airlines business model for LASIK.

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