10 Misleading Expressions in LASIK Advertisements

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The majority of surgeons and LASIK centers advertise as a way to let people know about the services they offer. These LASIK advertisements may be in many forms such as newspaper advertisements, promotional television infomercials and/or radio spots.

Misleading LASIK advertisements

Although all advertisements, including LASIK advertisements, are supposed to be truthful, several LASIK advertisements contain misleading information or promise things they cannot deliver. So let’s highlight the most common misleading words or statements that might be found in LASIK advertisements.

Low-priced LASIK Surgery “LASIK as low as $199.99″

Do not be fooled by the very low price advertised in big print. If you read the small print, only a small percentage of patients qualify for this pricing, based on their . Typically additional charges may apply for , higher corrections, preoperative visits, follow-up care, and medications after surgery.

Perfect Vision Guaranteed After LASIK

Expressions such as “Just crisp, clear vision” and “We guarantee 20/20 vision” are considered exaggerated. While the possibility of excellent visual outcomes after LASIK is very high, you should know that can’t be guaranteed for every patient. Successful LASIK outcome depends on the individual. Everyone's eyes and vision are unique. What works for others may not work for you.

Throw Away Your Glasses

As a fact LASIK will almost improve your vision and reduce your dependence on and . However, you should know that glasses may be needed for certain tasks such as driving at night. In addition, Glasses may be needed for reading when you reach the middle 40s.

Risk free LASIK – Complication free LASIK

It is important to understand that the risk free surgery does not exist. Like all other surgical procedure, in addition to benefits, .

Exclusive LASIK technique

You should know that nearly all are available to all refractive surgeons. While surgical techniques may differ from one doctor to another, most LASIK surgeons use a very similar .

100% patient Satisfaction

Your final satisfaction with your LASIK outcome depends mostly on having realistic expectations. Persons who demand perfection and have too high expectations of LASIK vision correction are poor LASIK candidates.

Optimal results by one LASIK surgery

In some patients, LASIK Retreatment may be required to obtain optimal outcomes. A typical retreatment rate is approximately 10%, meaning 90% of patients achieve their vision goals with one LASIK surgery. Retreatment rates will be higher for patients with more extreme refractive errors.

LASIK for Everyone

Although most people who wear glasses or contact lenses are potential candidates for LASIK vision correction, you should realize that LASIK surgery is not appropriate for everyone. Several conditions may disqualify you from having your vision defect corrected by LASIK.

No limits for LASIK

If your existing vision defect fall within an and have not changed considerably for at least a year, LASIK surgery may be an option for you to reduce or eliminate your dependence on glasses or contact lenses

LASIK at Home

LASIK eye surgery is an outpatient refractive surgery procedure. It is done under local anesthesia in a surgeon's office or a same-day surgery center.

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