LASIK Vision Correction Explained

LASIK Guider

LASIK eye surgery is the most commonly performed laser vision correction procedure nowadays to decrease or eliminate your dependence on glasses or contact lenses. The procedure duration is about 10 minutes with short recovery time and instant results.

This tutorial is a complete guide about LASIK vision correction surgery to give you an overview if lasik vision surgery is an option for you. It is easy to understand, especially to those who have no medical knowledge. The tutorial is divided into a number of sub-tutorials that explain related information about LASIK in detail. The best way to understand LASIK vision correction Surgery in details is by going through the sub-tutorial sequence one by one.

The earlier sub-tutorials are focused on explaining the basic structure and function of the eye, refraction and refractive errors, as a general introduction to LASIK vision correction. The later sub-tutorial explain LASIK eye surgery in more detail and help you understand what you should do before LASIK, what will happen during the LASIK surgery, and what you should expect after LASIK surgery.

LASIK Vision Correction Surgery Explained

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